About Us

Who we are, where we come from, and what it all means for you

Who we are

Faith Ministries Church of Columbus, Ohio is a young and vibrant congregation founded in December of 1991. Beginning with only the 6 members of Pastor Wise’s family, it has since grown into an impactful ministry reaching the local community and the world at large.

Here's the deal, Faith Ministries cares about one thing more than anything else, Jesus Christ. Faith is a family of individuals that have found hope in Jesus, and simply want as many people as possible to experience that exact same freedom.

We love to serve

Yes, we serve God when we gather together at church, but perhaps more importantly we value every opportunity to serve beyond the walls of our church building whether it be directly within our local community or more broadly around the world.

We are so committed to serving that our goal is to become the church where every member is a minister in celebration and service of Jesus Christ!

We love to celebrate

Who said Christians can’t have fun? At Faith Ministries, we love the Lord, we love each other, and we also love to laugh and have fun celebrating God’s goodness in our lives.

We are a family church

Whether you have one or not, when you visit or join Faith Ministries, you become a part of our family. We believe that the family is the basic building block of society and of our church. That is why we place a very high emphasis on and devote a great deal of time and energy to building and supporting families.

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What this means for you

What does this mean for you? Most importantly, you're always welcome at Faith Ministries. We're saving a seat for you. Wherever you are in your faith journey, you'll always be accepted as part of the Faith family.

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